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The following message was posted online on March 2007:


Mathematics Galore!:

masterclasses, workshops and team projects in mathematics and its applications 

 By Christopher J.. Budd, Christopher J.. Sangwin


We would particularly like to thank:

The University of Bath Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Members of the Bristol and Bath Masterclass Committee, the Royal Institution of Great Britain and the Mathematics for the Millennium team: Aaron Wilson, with help and advice with typesetting, Martin Brown, Alistair King, Ann Sangwin, Jill Budd, Vanessa FitzGerald for carefully reading chapters of the Book; Dr. Eleanor Robson, Oriental Institute Oxford, for sending us on a mathematical treasure hunt of the Ashmolean museum; Lindsay Heyes for many interesting discussions on the history and theory of mazes; David Brown for much help and advice with sundialing and also providing a photo of his sundial in Figure 3.9; Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi for providing the translation of the Egyptian text in Figure 7.5.

Figure 1.6 is reproduced .