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The following message was posted on Sept.3, 1999 from Sir Maftet

to the Guardian's international Bulletin Board:


By Sir Maftet ( - on Friday, September 3, 1999 - 06:56 pm:

" forgive, divine".

Nitocris, thank you. I would like to make a point about academic value.

When someone learns something, they assume a high value of the content, so when the time arises to apply their learning they show absolute belief in what they've been taught, regardless if it is right or wrong. Many years of study and faith in the teachers allows the lessons to be put on a pedestal.

Now you may already know where I'm going with this...nevertheless, I'll continue. What if  the initial moment of discovery was wrong?

Well, a great deal of what follows becomes misdirected. (Jack shows this point in his recent post above). It is very important for you to know that I'm NOT saying that what you know is wrong; I'm saying that we should keep an open mind to new attempts which challenge the mainstream academia. That's all.

Now, on a grander scale, I see the history and language of the ANE (or for that matter, including present day) as being delegated and taught by everyone else.
It is time to listen to the people who LIVE there; the people who have the history and language in their blood

If I were to speak relatively, I would say the situation is comparable to a kind gentleman from Madagascar teaching the world about my country (Canada) and being steadfast with what he has learned, and holding his knowledge firm and absolute in the face of denial by my countrymen even though we know it is wrong, and tell him so.

Knowledge of people and their history is not at all like the pure sciences because linguistics and human history is all only a matter of perspective. A truly great man once said:

"History is told by those who have hanged heroes".

Nitocris, indeed you are brilliant. I want you to know that I am not trying to convert your perspective.
I only want to show my reasons for supporting Ossama. History is very important to me, and I endeavor to learn it purely, without bias; I don't want to hang any more heroes.

When we are told that "p" is wrong and "f" is right, the only thing that should come out of our keyboards is "Wow, we were wrong. Thank you Ossama", not "OH yeahh? Explain yourself, because from what I know, it sounds like to don't know what your talking about".

We need to humble ourselves with what we know. Knowledge is precious.

Sir Maftet


By Sir Maftet ( - on Sunday, September 5, 1999 - 10:35 am:

Hello Ossama.

Some people here do not understand if AE language has survived, but I believe that it has, even if it is not exactly the same because Latin exists today in English as Egyptian exists in Arabic. It is therefor perfectly easy for me to say that I speak Latin, and that you speak Egyptian. Just because a language is given a different name from the country it is spoken in doesn't mean the language has changed!!

This is a mistake!! It is just each new society's version of the language through patriotism.

I'm sure you have many more signs to show us to follow the one's already here, so I would very much like to hear more, Ossama.

Sir Maftet