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Here is a brief abstract for the 2-hours on-air interview of Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi

on 'World of the Unexplained' hosted by Mr. J. Scott and co-host Mr. Trent Lackey:

March 20, 2006


Host, Mr. Scott: Dr. Alsaadawi, before going on into details of this interview I think you have something to declare to the peoples .. 

Dr. Alsaadawi: Thank you so much Mr. Scott and please allow me first to air from your popular Radio Show, 'World of the Unexplained' a special great announcement about a very great discovery which is to be declared now to the first time in history:

On March 20, year 2006, I Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi, have the honor to announce that the Ancient Egyptian goddess 'seshat' is in fact the well known 'Queen of Sheba' of the old kingdom of Yemen, who is known in history by the name 'Bilqis, Queen of Sheba', or in Arabic 'Bilqis malekat saba2' and was wife of the Great Egyptian King and Prophet Solomon. She visited Ancient Egypt after King Solomon invited her and then she married him. The Ancient Egyptians clearly reported and recorded this great event in their AE texts, and she is known now as goddess 'seshet', or 'seshat'!

The details are published on my websites ..


Q1. Your background and reasons to become a student of AE language.

My reasons to become a student of the Ancient Egyptian Language is simply that I am a native Egyptian. For example, if you discovered that your grandfather left a message to you which is written in some sort of ancient written English, wouldn't you be eager to learn this ancient English to know the real content of this message?! IMO, I think you will do that without hesitation!

I'm wondering, if all peoples who studied the AE Language allover the history and allover the world were professional Egyptologists or historians or linguists or archaeologists! And I'm wondering also if the early adventurers and discoverers who came to Egypt last three centuries were professional Egyptologists or linguists or archeologists?! Even most of them had very limited scientific qualifications and education levels!

When I realized that the spoken AE language is still alive in our spoken slang Egyptian I decided to learn the AE language from the very beginning and this time on real scientific background. My highly qualified scientific studies in many fields and being an experienced professional researcher helped me much in this regard. I started my work by studying, for many years, most of the traditional works of the western Egyptologists and Linguists in this field, either by attending many classes in Cairo and Alexandria, or by extensive self studies.

I began from where Champollion began. He started his work by trying to decipher few cartouches which are embedded in the Hieroglyphic text of the Rosetta Stone. I did far beyond that by studying carefully nearly 400 cartouches in different ears of AE history. After some time I noticed that those cartouches do not include two main phoneme letters which are the (L) and the (Z) phoneme letters, while the Egyptian names of men and women either Coptic or Muslims are full of those two letters. When I returned back to table of Champollion I never found them, especially in names of kings up to the New Kingdom! This discovery amazed me and greatly impressed me and this was the real trigger to my next work.

When I resolved this problem by real and correct deciphering of these two letters I started reading some AE Hieroglyphic words which have the same phonation and utterance as the corresponding modern Egyptian words. I realized then that I am on the correct path and that encouraged me to go further and deeper in my studies about the AE language.

Q2. Your methods of study of Ancient Egyptian (did you re-translate the Rosetta stone, how does one even begin to study ancient Egyptian??)

a. My methods of studying the AE language are quite simple but advanced. I first started to revise the basic table of the Hieroglyphic phoneme letters, which is composed from 25 basic phoneme letters. After long studies and research work I discovered that Champollion succeeded to decipher 17 of them, and partially succeeded in three of them and failed to decipher 5 of them. When I fixed the whole basic table after about 4 years of hard research work I moved to the much more complex tables of the bilateral phonetic Egyptian Hieroglyphs which include about 1000 basic signs. Unfortunately, Champollion and his followers succeeded to correctly decipher no more than nearly 10% of those signs. This lead to wide distortion and corruption in further translations of the AE Hieroglyphic texts which in turn lead to extreme distortion in interpretations of the major events and records of the AE history.

My extensive research work, which is based on real scientific techniques, raised this percentage of correctly deciphered signs to at least 85% opening a new real era and breakthrough in the field of Egyptology and AE history!

Wonderfully, when I inserted some elements of the first phoneme letter table into many bilateral signs of the second table I got many full Egyptian words that are spoken today in Egypt, and to my surprise I found many of them reported in Wallis Budge Hieroglyphic Dictionary by the very same modern phonations. From here I discovered what I named them the 'motorizing letters'!

In spite that most of bilateral AE signs have known Egyptian meanings, many meaningless signs transform to well known Egyptian meaningful words when they gain one of the motorizing letters. This was one great finding from my work!

b. Yes, I re-translated many parts of the Hieroglyphic Text of Rosetta Stone. I discovered that it is mainly a religious text which summarizes the whole Ancient Egyptian Religion. As for the Demotic Text of Rosetta Stone I deciphered only few words and it needs an independent in-depth research work which beyond my work in this stage! Here is one quote taken from many comments on my primary re-translation of Rosetta Stone, which were posted to the Guardian's discussion Board:

By Avry ( - on Saturday, January 1, 2000 - 09:18 am:

Ossama, I am truly stunned by your presentation. I stand in awe.....speechless. It's not just because of what you've so beautifully done here, it's because it makes me think about what it means for the rest of the texts from Ancient Egypt. It also makes me wonder about Ancient Religion .... Feedback from other sources is first needed in order to wager any furtherance. I highly anticipate that any upcoming posts will begin to solidify the efforts produced by Ossama. Even though I am in agreement, I still hold reservation toward the implications, which may arise in the future as a result. Yes, I admit fear in what could change; it is a natural reaction.

Let's wait and see shall we?

May the Spirit of Millennium Day live forever.


c. To begin studying AE language is quite simple:

I. One should master reading phoneme letters of in the first table, the corrected table of Ossama Alsaadawi! He should stress on the Egyptian guttural sounds and master reading them correctly.

II. One should master reading all bilateral phonetic hieroglyphs according to their correct utterances.

III. One should follow all the strict rules for reading Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

IV. One should study carefully correct interpretations of Ancient Egyptian Pictures because they are integrated parts of Ancient Egyptian texts.

V. Studying slang spoken Egyptian is a must for learning AE Language. Good Electronic Egyptian or Arabic dictionary makes a great help. It is very easy to start learning spoken Egyptian by learning and mastering reading of all Egyptian bilateral phonetic words like 'ab', 'akh', '3m', 'Hr', 'rb', 'fr', etc. Every bilateral Egyptian word has a specified meaning and used frequently by the Egyptian peoples who inherited it from their Ancient Egyptian forefathers. Studying all dictionaries of Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi is a must for learning true Ancient Egyptian language and here are two important links to start with:



Q3.  What were Champollion's mistakes,  and do you believe that he tried to "speed up" the translation so that France could claim victory in solving the problem as apposed to the the British solving the text??

Champollion's work was weak and short and non-scientific. He put some assumptions which were, unfortunately, all wrong. From those assumptions:

a. He assumed that the cartouches in the Hieroglyphic text of Rosetta Stone include names of kings and they are correspondingly reported in the Greek line by the same utterances, which not true in both cases! 

I proved that there is NO name called 'petolemy' or 'petolemis' to be a name of a king, and I proved that kings of and leaders of the Greek era had quite different Greek names. And here is one comment that was posted by the great Canadian savant Mr. Avry Wilson to the Guardian's discussion board:

By Avry Wilson on Saturday, January 1, 2000 - 09:18 am:

Ossama, On your diligence in removing "Ptolemy" from the RS, I commend you. Once again, I have to note (to others) that I myself reached the same conclusion without using Ossama's method. It is quite simple to see that when a primary key is removed, later works therefore become obsolete.

b. He assumed that modern Egyptians speak Arabic which has nothing to do with the AE Language according to his opinion, and therefore he rejected modern Egyptians and their slang spoken language from his research work, while it is the real key to correctly deciphering the AE Language.

c. He assumed that the Coptic line is directly related to the AE Language, which is not true. The Copts preserved the spoken Egyptian which was prevailing allover Egypt during the Roman era and which is the same spoken Egyptian during ALL epochs of Egypt and up today. I introduced enough evidence and I explained that most of modern names of Copts like 'Milad', 'Moneer', 'Shokri', 'Sami', 'Fat-hi', 'Layla', 'Fatin', etc are pure Egyptian names that was prevailing in Egypt during the Roman era. Some people think that these names are of Arabian source, NO these Coptic names are pure Egyptian and were popular among the Copts hundreds of years before the Arabian era of Egypt. This alone proves that the spoken Egyptian never changed, and prove also that the Copts speak ONLY the slang spoken Egyptian!

Modern Copts do not speak some sort of special spoken Coptic, they speak the same slang spoken Egyptian which is used by the Egyptian peoples along the very extended history of Egypt and up today. The Coptic line, which was born during the Coptic era in Egypt from year 390-AD up to year 640-AD was a Coptic trial to replace the AE writing lines by a modified Greek line. This trial died in its cradle because it didn't match utterances of the spoken Egyptian and the Coptic people themselves were the first who rejected it. There is NO known spoken Coptic other than the normal spoken Egyptian. When linguistic savants speak about the 'Coptic language' they mean the 'Coptic writing line' which was used during the very short Coptic era and which died soon after that. The Coptic writing line is far from the real utterances of the spoken Egyptian which the Copts speak themselves! I proved definitely that the spoken Egyptian never changed from far pre-dynastic eras up today and explained clearly that changes occurred only in writing lines. Meanwhile I proved that all Egyptian writing lines including the Arabic one were originated from the AE Hieroglyphic writing line.

d. He wrongly deciphered many signs in the cartouches of Rosetta Stone. For example he wrongly deciphered [Q3], [E23] and [S34] signs! Therefore, even his utterances of the assumed names were wrong.

e. He assumed that the Hieroglyphic words should be read literally, that means letter by letter, as we do now in English language for example, which is again not true, and I proved that most of AE words are shorthand words and should be read according to the techniques and rules of the Ancient Egyptians themselves and not according to our modern reading or writing rules! Moreover, he ignored phonations of some important signs and removed them from utterances of the claimed names!

f. According to some French historians, the work of Champollion was covered and backed by some political motives. They urged him to declare early some of his hasty results. Meanwhile, his practical short scientific life allowed him not to continue and rectify his mistakes. He was a hero if we take into consideration that he lacked many of modern advanced scientific tools like computers and electronic translators and dictionaries of slang languages, etc. He did very good job, but his followers stuck to his mistakes without trying to improve their own independent research work on real scientific work. Champollion never entered into details of deciphering the big number of the bilateral signs. Only his followers tried that in a very rashly, guessing and non-scientific methods which lead to tragic fundamental mistakes and wide wrong translations of of the AE texts. If you revise translations of many words in books of the great Egyptologists like Gardiner or Budge for instance, you find them full of questioning (?) and wondering marks (!). It means that they were not sure of their interpretations and translations!

Q4.  How do modern Egyptologists view your discoveries, and Egyptians in general?

The Egyptians handle now nearly all my great discoveries and interpretations of the AE Pictures or the Major AE Symbols. They are very happy by these new discoveries because it tell them how great their Ancient Egyptian forefathers were, and how the AE Great Civilization was the REAL mother and origin of all modern civilizations. It prove also that all religions of mankind originated from Ancient Egypt.

Formerly, the Egyptian peoples used to neglect their AE monuments and antiques because Egyptologists told them that their AE grand forefathers were tyrants, infidels, pagans and polytheists, hence they hated to refer to them or to hold their antiques. In fact, the Egyptian peoples felt ashamed of their grand Ancient Egyptian forefathers for long tens of centuries. Now, and after only ten years from publishing my discoveries people may notice that the AE symbols and signs are spread allover Egypt in every square, on walls, in streets, in hotels, in homes, in media and everywhere in Egypt. It's a new AE renaissance, and the cause for that is simply: the great discoveries of Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi

Only few days ago, an Egyptian Egyptologist declared that few great statues for the goddess 'Sekhmet' have been recently discovered in Upper Egypt, and he declared to all types of local and international media that goddess 'Sekhmet' was the goddess of 'wildness', 'cruelty' and 'slaying' in Ancient Egypt. But when I published at once, as a response from my side, that goddess 'Sekhmet' was an Ancient Egyptian symbol for the 'chaste' and 'devout' women, he hurried and made a new statement to the media that goddess 'Sekhmet' was only a goddess of 'war'! Egyptian peoples only believe in my words now because I introduce to them enough evidence and proof to every word I declare!

Egyptologists know quite well that my work is correct and logic, but they say that they can't declare it openly because it will simply wipe out all their work during last three centuries. When I talk personally with many Egyptian Egyptologists they say that they know that I am correct and they advice their students to study and follow my theory but secretly, because they fear to lose their jobs! It is a matter of time before all facts will show up.

Q5.  How were the pyramids built, according to you?

I proved clearly that the Egyptian pyramids could never be built by manpower alone, and I used very simple mathematical and physical formula to prove that, which is:

The work done (or the energy required) = mass x gravity acceleration x height .. (m x g x h)

So, the total work done used to build the Great Pyramid is: 0.22 x 7.5 billion kgs x 10 x 146 > 2.4 Tera Joules. Therefore, calculations indicate that King Khufu needed billions of horsepower to realize this historic world wonder that has survived for long thousands of years, which is an ultra vast energy that could never be attained by passive manpower alone. I proved definitely that he made good use of the tremendous active energy of waters of the successive inundations and floods of the River Nile. The Ancient Egyptian Engineers succeeded in designing and realizing many types and levels of the hydraulic lifts, and used them in building all of the AE pyramids and great temples and huge monuments. Even they used some sorts of water guns in cutting colossal rocky stones and granites.

The Ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid (and lot of other pyramids) to record and preserve all the scientific elements of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. It is like the project NASA for USA. It included all Egyptian scientific discoveries at that immemorial time. No more than 4000 soldiers of the AE army built the Great Pyramid using very advanced marine technologies and industries that were available at that time. They were racing time in the Old Kingdom because they were foretold that their civilization will be wiped out by many foreign armies and conquering military forces. Therefore they used billions of billions-horse-powers offered to them by successive violent inundations of the River Nile to build all those great pyramids, temples and monuments. They successfully controlled those crushing inundations and turned them to building power by minimum man power. That's why all invading armies failed to demolish those pyramids because they needed extra high levels of powers! What they expected occurred, and without those pyramids Egypt would have been stolen by other aggressive nations. Now and after more than 7 thousand years those same pyramids uncovered the truth that Egypt was captured by other aggressive nations, and from here appear the importance of findings of Ossama Alsaadawi, they simply uncover the TRUTH!

My engineering theory which explains how the GP was really built is summarized in one question:

How engineers of King Khufu raised up one granite stone block which weighs 50 tons or more to an altitude of 130 meters? And I said that it is like raising a 50-tons lorry to the roof of the Empire State building in New York. My theory answered this question and I explained that they did that using hydraulic lifts!

Please read here:


Q6.  Were all pyramids (including the earliest ones- at Saqqara for example) built in this same way??

Yes, they used huge volumes of waters to build those pyramids, and they used a simple hydraulic formula which states that:


Force (power) = water mass / area of ascending well


Q7.  What is the Coptic reaction to your discoveries, as they claim that Coptic is directly related to AE and is very close to that language?

In general the Coptic reaction to my discoveries is really great. Majority of the simple peaceful Copts raised me to a great high esteem and considered my work as a real breakthrough and great correction to the history of Ancient Egypt . The reason is that  they found in my work the real proof that Jesus and Mary really existed in Ancient Egypt. They strove for long centuries to prove this fact but they absolutely failed because of wrong readings of AE texts.

However, minority of the fanatic Copts resisted my work, saying that Holy Jesus and Mary never existed in Ancient Egypt and that Jesus was born in Palestine in nearly year 4-BC.

As for the Coptic claims about the AE language I explained that in my answers to question 3 above.

Q8.  What do you make of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, the so called "heretic" pharaoh and allowing only the worship of the sun disk Ra?? Are we mistaken about this pharaoh??

King Akhenaten (whose real name was Agha), is known among modern Egyptologists as being the 'unifier' of gods into one god which is 'itn' or the 'sun-disk'. This is not true. In eyes of the Egyptians Akhenaten was an infidel to the AE religion. Along the very long and extended history of Egypt, starting from far pre-dynastic eras, the Egyptians worshiped only One God who is 'Ra3', an AE shorthand word which means 'Lord of the Universe' or 'Rabb al3aalameen' and He has been symbolized by the Winged-Sun. Therefore, we find this symbol on top of gates of all AE temples. The Egyptian religion was always 'the Creed of Abraham' represented by the Great Sphinx, Ra3 and  Amun and it never changed at any moment in the Egyptian history.

Akhenaten was eccentric and odd, either in his body or in his mind. He tried hard to wipe out the AE religion represented by 'Ra3' and 'Amun' and to replace it by worshipping the material sun-disk saying that it is the real god and that we see it every morning and it never dies! He referred to his god by the sun-disk which extends many hands holding many S34 'Lm' signs to express the word 'the sun begets not and never been begotten'!! The Egyptians of all tribes and sects refused his heretic claims then they killed him and destroyed all his establishments and erased him and his family from the royal list of Egypt.

Q9.  Describe your religious discoveries after retranslating AE??

My religious findings and discoveries in the history of Ancient Egypt are really great, amazing and wide. For long centuries savants, linguists, historians and Egyptologists allover the world asked .. 'why the stories of Moses, Joseph, Abraham, Israel, etc, are not reported in the Hieroglyphic texts of the Ancient Egyptians'?!

Now, my work answered all those questions and explained simply that they couldn't read the real translations and interpretations of all those great characters and events due to wide wrong deciphering of the AE Hieroglyphs. I correctly deciphered hundreds of Ancient Egyptian pictures and depictions that tell the real story of the religious events in Ancient Egypt in addition to thousands of correct word translations. For example I declared that:

1. The Great Sphinx is in fact a historical Ancient Egyptian depiction and symbolization of the Great Egyptian Prophet Abraham.

2. The colossal statue of the so-called Ramsis-2 is in fact an AE symbolization and eternizing of the Great Egyptian Prophet Moses.

3. The great temple of Abu-Simbel in Egyptian Nubia was built to eternize the two brother Prophets Moses and Aaron.

4. The goddess Isis was an AE depiction for the real Egyptian Holy Mary.

5. The god Osiris was an AE depiction for the Egyptian Holy Jesus.

6. The god Horus (the Falcon) was an AE depiction for the Holy Spirit.

7. The god Thoth (with ibis-bird head) was an AE depiction for the Ancient Prophet Noah.

8. I deciphered and discovered the real statues of many AE prophets like Aaron, Joseph, David, Solomon, woman of Imran, pious wife of Pharaoh and many others.

9. Now, this is a special great announcement about a very great discovery which is aired to the first time in history from your great Radio Show, 'World of the Unexplained':

On March 20, year 2006, I Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi, have the honor to announce that the Ancient Egyptian goddess 'seshat' is in fact the well known 'Queen of Sheba' of the old kingdom of Yemen, who is known in history by the name 'Bilqis, Queen of Sheba', or in Arabic 'Bilqis malekat saba2' and was wife of the Great Egyptian King and Prophet Solomon. She visited Ancient Egypt after King Solomon invited her and then she married him. The Ancient Egyptians clearly reported and recorded this great event in their AE texts, and she is known now as goddess 'seshet', or 'seshat'!

Here are some examples of my work:



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