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An abstract for the 2-hours on-air interview of Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi

on 'Eye on the Future Radio' hosted by Mrs. Hehpsehboah:

Canada on February 19, 2006 ( 8-10 PM PST )  


Host: You have published a variety of books that cover a wide range of subject material.  Your findings challenge most of settled facts about Ancient Egyptian civilization, so how your findings affected the Egyptian authorities and how do they view your work, and how the Egyptians react to your findings in general? How do the Egyptologists react to your work?

Hello Mrs. Hehpsehboah:

I am very glad and I feel honored to talk to you. I'll do my best to answer your questions honestly, frankly and scholarly.

Q1: How your findings affected the Egyptian authorities and how do they view your work, and how the Egyptians react to your findings in general? How do the Egyptologists react to your work?

A1: On the personal level the Egyptian officials find all my work as being a true Egyptian historical discovery that corrects the extremely distorted history of Ancient Egypt. But apparently, they are obliged to show a different view for some known and unknown hidden reasons. You and many peoples allover the world can feel that quite well by viewing some obvious remarks like for instance:

a. The sudden official interest in the Ancient Egyptian monuments after long centuries of omission and negligence. This only came after I started publishing my theory in year 1992 and forth.

b. The sudden interest in Giza Plateau and building a great fence around the area to maintain it against robbers, to the first time after long thousands of years because I declared that the Pyramids and the Sphinx tell the True history of Ancient Egypt and the Sphinx is an AE symbolism of the Prophet Abraham, and the symbol of the Pyramid means 'Msr' or 'Egypt'. Then the excavations on the Giza Plateau are now under firm official control, unlike former eras when anybody could do whatever he liked to do in that area.

c. There was a plan to re-move the great statue of Ramses-2 from its current place to a new place in Giza, but they refrained when I declared that the great statue of Ramses-2 is in fact an Ancient Egyptian symbol for the Great Egyptian prophet 'Moses' and that his name is quite clearly engraved on his left shoulder.

d. When I declared that one of the AE statues is in fact an AE symbol for the Egyptian King and Prophet Solomon, Egyptian Egyptologists rushed to replace it from a very slack corner in The Egyptian Museum to an excellent glassed box in a front lighted place.

e. They did the same with another AE scribe statue when I declared that this statue is in fact an AE symbol for the Egyptian King and Prophet David.

f. The Egyptian Government races time to build tens of great museums allover Egypt to keep and maintain hundreds of thousands of AE monuments and antiques to the first time since tens of centuries because findings of Ossama Alsaadawi turned their attention to the extreme importance of those monuments for Egypt and its real history and civilization.

g. The Egyptian Government changed its logo on the Egyptian satellite station from the eagle to the Pyramid symbol after I declared that this symbol reads truly as 'Msr' which means Egypt. Spitefully, they denied my favor and violated my copyrights!

h. the growing interest in Temple of Abu-Simbel after declaration of Ossama Alsaadawi that this great temple was built by the Ancient Egyptians on the Egyptian land of Nubia Province for the sake of eternizing the Prophet brothers Moses and Aaron! And that the two unique famous solar events of Abu-Simbel temple, which occur annually in the sanctuary room of the temple, were designed in memoriam of their corresponding birthdates, ie the two brothers Moses and Aaron!

i. On the popular scale, the Egyptian peoples used to neglect their AE monuments and antiques because Egyptologists told them that their AE grand forefathers were tyrants, infidels, pagans and polytheists, hence they hated to refer to them or to hold their antiques. In fact, the Egyptian peoples felt ashamed of their grand Ancient Egyptian forefathers for long tens of centuries. Now, and after only ten years from publishing my theory you may notice that the AE symbols and signs are spread allover Egypt in every square, on walls, in streets, in hotels, in homes, in media and everywhere in Egypt. It's a new AE renaissance, and the cause for that is simply: the great findings of Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi

j. etc, etc.

k. Now one very important question: Then why the Egyptian authorities do not introduce the work of Ossama Alsaadawi to the Egyptian or the international media?

There are two reasons for that:

First reason is that findings of Ossama Alsaadawi simply uncover that some modern imitated civilizations have been absolutely taken from the Ancient Egyptian mother civilization! And they also correct many wrongly settled distortions about the Ancient Egyptian history! Consequently, declaring all those great facts could impose a severe impact on some settled distorted data of history and also on some aspects of creeds!

Second reason is that true findings of Ossama Alsaadawi could uncover the plentiful mistakes made by many Egyptologists, linguists, and historians.

Egyptologists know quite well that my work is correct and logic, but they say that they can't declare it openly because it will simply wipe out all their work during last three centuries. When I talk personally with many Egyptian Egyptologists they say that they know that I am correct and they advice their students to study and follow my theory but secretly, because they fear to lose their jobs! It is a matter of time before all facts will show up.

Q2. Are other researchers boycotting your findings?

A2. I have tons of emails, different records, messages and visitors from Egypt and allover the world which support my findings and support me personally. I published only few of them online because I don't wish to disperse attention of the readers away from my work.

Q3. Were there others involved in conducting your research?  If so, where are they located and do they support you in your work?

A3. There are hundreds of Arabic researchers who involved in similar research works. Some of them contacted me and admitted that their approaches were wrong and that I treated the subject in an absolutely different and professional correct way, and they kindly introduce my work to their followers or their systems. Some of them declared that clearly online and it is published on the Web.

Q4. What is Alsaadawi's Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary?  What does it include?  What corrections did you find it necessary to make in previous interpretations?  Why? 

A4. Alsaadawi's Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary is composed of 6 volumes as follows:

Vol.1: a dictionary which deciphers correctly most of all Egyptian hieroglyphs in accordance with Gardiner sign listing. It comes in four languages (Hieroglyphic, English, Egyptian and Arabic)

Vol.2: a dictionary that correctly deciphers the most common Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Words. (4 languages)

Vol.3: a vocabulary dictionary which includes many famous Egyptian Hieroglyphic expressions and comparisons between my translations and the traditional distorted translations.

Vol.4: a dictionary for most popular English key-words of Egyptology and their corresponding translations in light of Alsaadawi's EHD.

Vol.5: a dictionary that correctly deciphers the Ancient Egyptian numerous photos.

Vol.6: an electronic dictionary written in dos language which includes more than 20 thousand pages to instantly decipher most of known Egyptian Hieroglyphs. It is personal and not published.

My corrections prevailed more than 90% of previous traditional Hieroglyphic interpretations because simply the fundamental assumption of Champollion on which he based his theory is wrong and hence the work of nearly all his followers is also wrong and many savants and Egyptologists admit this fact.

Q5. Before you undertook your work, who had been responsible for the interpretation of hieroglyphics?

A5. There many great Egyptologists allover the world who followed Champollion and who had been responsible for the interpretation of Hieroglyphs like Wallis Budge, Gardiner, Faulkner, Anton Zikri, Ahmad Kamal, Antonio Lopriano and many many others in France, Germany, England, USA and allover the world. Unfortunately, they all followed the basic mainstream of Champollion which makes their work as copies from each other. Only Wallis Budge had a tinny different view and that's why he was wrathfully attacked by other Egyptologists!

Q6. What impact on modern day Egypt does your work on deciphering hieroglyphics bring?  How does it impact history as presented to date?

A6. My work already has a great impact on Egypt and modern history. Egypt is not like 10 years ago. The Egyptian peoples are now quite confident about the greatness of their ancient forefather's great civilization and they are no more ashamed of them!

Q7. You have deciphered numerous Ancient Egyptian Pictures.  Can you explain the basis and process by which you did this?

A7. This is very good question. The Egyptian lingual etymology is very great and rich. Every place, village, town, district or even streets in Egypt utter with Ancient Egyptian Spoken Language. Likewise are many popular or countryside songs and thousands of Egyptian spoken proverbs and religious phrases. In short, Ancient Egyptian spoken language is still preserved in hearts of the modern Egyptians. In fact all those Egyptian pictures are in fact another form of that Egyptian lingual etymology. Based on my correct deciphering of Hieroglyphs and on the Egyptian lingual etymology I followed a simple technique to decipher them. The Egyptians believed me only when they read my deciphering and interpretations of those pictures!

Q8. You have deciphered the real Ancient Egyptian Major Characters from texts written on their statues, monuments and photos.  How did this come about?  Can you explain the process you used for deciphering?  What is the impact of your discoveries?

A8. The process is very simple. Their real names are written on their statues or photos!! Only because Egyptologists are not able to read correctly abc of Egyptian Hieroglyphs they didn't see all those correct names. For example, they said that the king Ra'meses earned his name from 'one' of his cartouches, while his real cartouche on his left shoulder does not include the hieroglyph for 'Ra'!! It includes only the name 'ms-s' which any baby should read it as 'Moses'!

Could you imagine the impact on the Egyptian peoples when they were told for centuries that Ramses-2 is their biggest tyrant Pharaoh who rejected Moses and children of Israel out of Egypt, then they now discover (thanks to Ossama Alsaadawi) that this tyrant Pharaoh is the Prophet Moses himself?!!

Everyday I receive some Egyptians who turned fervent because of my new discoveries!

Q9. Why do you think the Great Pyramid was built?  Who do you think built it?  You present an engineering theory of how it was accomplished. Can you explain this. 

A9. The Ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid (and lot of other pyramids) to record and preserve all the scientific elements of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. It is like the project NASA for USA. It included all Egyptian scientific discoveries at that immemorial time. No more than 4000 soldiers of the AE army built the Great Pyramid using very advanced marine technologies and industries that were available at that time. They were racing time in the Old Kingdom because they were foretold that their civilization will be wiped out by many foreign armies and conquering military forces. Therefore they used billions of billions-horse-powers offered to them by successive violent inundations of the River Nile to build all those great pyramids, temples and monuments. They successfully controlled those crushing inundations and turned them to building power by minimum man power. That's why all invading armies failed to demolish those pyramids because they needed extra high levels of powers! What they expected occurred, and without those pyramids Egypt would have been stolen by other aggressive nations. Now and after more than 7 thousand years those same pyramids uncovered the truth that Egypt was captured by other aggressive nations, and from here appear the importance of findings of Ossama Alsaadawi, they simply uncover the TRUTH!

My engineering theory which explains how the GP was really built is summarized in one question:

How engineers of King Khufu raised up one granite stone block which weighs 50 tons or more to an altitude of 130 meters? And I said that it is like raising a 50-tons lorry to the roof of the Empire State building in New York. My theory answered this question and I explained that they did that using hydraulic lifts!

Please read here:

Q10. Do you believe that the inside of the pyramids have been altered in modern times?

A10. Many foreign peoples and invaders tried their best to demolish the Great Pyramid, but they failed. Now, the Great Pyramid and other pyramids are in very bad condition. If the situation will continue this way I think they will stand no more than few decades. Everyday, some stones are stolen or fall down due to lack of real scientific maintenance.

Q11. There are people out there who apparently are researching the tie in of UFOs and lost technologies at Giza. What do you believe is still to be discovered regarding the Great Pyramid’s complex? 

A11. I believe that the Ancient Egyptian Civilization is too much older than commonly known. The remaining parts of Palermo Stone speak about pre-dynastic chronology that extends back in history of Egypt up to more than extra 13 thousand years! Again Egyptologists failed to read correctly the extremely important Texts of the Palermo Stone. Meanwhile, the AE information about sciences of Astronomy is really great and amazing. They knew nearly everything we know today about space and astro sciences. This raises many questions how they did get all those advanced data?!

No doubt that the location of the Great Pyramid was chosen carefully in accordance with some astro data and techniques and I think that more discoveries may be uncovered in the far future.

Q12. How about the sphinx? Who does it represent and who built it?  What do you know about what was discovered underground?

A12. The Great Sphinx is a historical Ancient Egyptian stone monument that symbolizes the Ancient Egyptian Prophet Abraham. This discovery alone uncovers how the historical human creeds and religions have been greatly distorted and deflected. The Sphinx was built in accordance with the Hieroglyph E23 which has the true phonation (br / rb) and its face was obviously engraved in form of a man to say the this symbol is (Abraham). More indications were added by the double crown which means the (Prophet) and other Hieroglyphic words that explain the true name and story of the Sphinx. The Ancient Egyptians built the Sphinx in some pre-dynastic era then it was renewed during the 4th dynasty.

There are many speculations about some documentary and treasure rooms under the Sphinx but I'm not sure about that. The reason for instructing the Sphinx is quite simple to tell later Egyptian generations that:

Abraham was Egyptian.

Abraham was older than anybody thinks.

Abraham never left the land of Egypt.

Giza Plateau is the original homeland of Abraham.

The Great Temple of Abraham is HERE where the Sphinx stands!

Q13. Can you explain to our listeners about the Rosetta Stone.  Who originally deciphered the hieroglyphic text on it?  How does your research differ?

A13. Rosetta Stone was made in Egypt in year 196-BC from black stone. It includes three texts written in three different lines. The upper text is written in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The middle text is written in Egyptian demotic line and the third text is written in old Greek line. After discovery of the stone by the French soldiers in Rosetta town Champollion tried to decipher the Hieroglyphs comparing it with the old Greek line. He basically assumed that each cartouche contains a name of a king, and this name should be also reported in the Greek text by the same phonation. Both assumptions were unfortunately wrong and lead to wide distortion in successive translations of AE Hieroglyphic texts and that lead in turn to a wide corruption in the history of Ancient Egypt.

My research work says that the Hieroglyphic text is only a religious one and it briefly summarizes the whole Ancient Egyptian Religion which is the True Peaceful Creed of Abraham. The Hieroglyphic text has no any relation with the Greek one. This system is still used in Egypt today in opening Stella for any project when a religious text is written on top and then a normal memorizing text is written beneath it!

Q14. Let’s talk about the true ancient Egyptian calendar system. What was it based upon?  How was it developed?  Why is it important in the timing of historical events?

A14. The true Ancient Egyptian calendar system was a real wonder and an amazing scientific outcome of a real great civilization. It is based on Solar, Lunar and Ecliptic timings. It uses orthogonal coordinates and compress all included times to a perfect 360-degree circle. It includes no error even for one second. The Romans failed to track back and imitate this calendar, so they adopted a much distorted one which is the Julian calendar then the Gregorian calendar which have remarkable errors. The Julian or the Gregorian calendars neglegt the Moon Phases. The Arabians failed also to track back and imitate this calendar, so they adopted the modern lunar (higri) calendar which is absolutely out of synchronization with the solar seasons unlike the AE lunar calendar!

It is very important in timing of historical events because it tell us about the real place of the Sun in the sky within the constellations and the exact season and the shape of the moon in the sky at that event. It also tells us about the expected eclipses to come and it manages all important economical, weather and religious events to a very high degree of accuracy.

Q15. Can you tell us what a cartouche is?  Where and how were they used?  What did you find when evaluating the ancient texts included on them?

A15. A cartouche is an Ancient Egyptian written Hieroglyph or 'sign' which has a specified phonation like any other Egyptian glyph. This phonation is (rn). Usually this phonation refers to the AE word (rn / forqan) which was the Egyptian Holy Book of Moses. Therefore, and according to the interpretation of the AE's themselves any text inside any cartouche should be a written religious verse from the 'Forqan', and this is absolutely true.

When an AE king celebrates his coronation he should select, by tradition, any verse from the 'Forqan' and preserve it inside a cartouche to refer to his ruling period. Sometimes he could choose more than one cartouche. Perhaps, the cartouche may include the real name of the king if his name matches one name of the prophets who were reported in the Holy Book like Jacob, or Abraham, or Aaron, or Moses, etc. Some other kings MAY choose some religious hieroglyphs that refer to their real names but in an indirect way and we have to deduce that if we master true reading of hieroglyphs.

Q16. You write about the true ancient Egyptian spoken language.  Can you explain what it was?  Why was it significant then and today?

A16. The spoken Egyptian language is unique among all other languages of the whole world. It depends solely on bilateral phonetic words like ab, akh, om, 3m, bt, de, zi, fr, br, Hr, etc, etc. Wonderfully and unlike formal Arabic, each bilateral Egyptian word has a true and obvious meaning and is used frequently in Egypt to compose the Egyptian colloquial language or the slang language. There are hundreds of thousands of Egyptian spoken words that have no equal in formal Arabic. When I correctly deciphered AE hieroglyphs I discovered that phonations of them are exactly the same as modern Egyptians utter them. Therefore, my first statement of my theory is:

**Spoken Egyptian language has never changed since far pre-dynastic times and up today**

I explained also that many bilateral Egyptian words were conducted in other European languages and still have obvious meanings as we say in English:

he - go - is - sh.e - be - no - to - so - do - by - hi - it - we - if - at - my - etc

Even I clearly explained that ALL English alphabets were taken from the AE Hieroglyphs by shape and phonation without any exception. This discovery made a severe impact on many peoples in Egypt and allover the world.

Q17. Your book, the “Time Machine” speaks mainly about principles of Astrology and how the solar and lunar eclipses affect lives, fame, and fate of peoples.  Can you explain what new views you bring in this regard?  How do eclipses factor in with historical events?

A17. When I discovered that solar and lunar eclipses affect lives of peoples and great international historic events after I made thousands of statistics and comparison tables I firmly believed that ecliptic events affect our life, our history and our fate to a great extent. Therefore I designed a very sophisticated software, which includes also the AE calendar system, to calculate the solar and lunar events accurately up to thousands of year in the past history or in the future. However I was interested mainly in the past history. When I joined it with facts of Astrology and my new discoveries in human astro-biorhythms I discovered wonders. When I loaded my new software to my notebook computer I named it the second real 'Time Machine' and that was in year 1994.

Q18. What was the reaction of the Muslim religious community, and others from Jewish and Christian communities to your research on what you found in the hieroglyphics?

A18. Wow, how should I answer this question? It is like joining the Garden into Hell! On the popular level the simple peaceful Muslims and the simple peaceful Copts raised me to a great high esteem and considered me as a real national hero. Every sect has its reasons. The simple peaceful Copts found in my work that I introduced to them the real proof that Jesus and Mary really existed in Ancient Egypt. They strove for long centuries to prove this fact but they absolutely failed because of wrong readings of AE texts.

The simple peaceful Muslims found in my work that I obviously explained that their ancient Egyptian forefathers were not pagans, infidels or polytheists, but they were real followers of the peaceful creed of Abraham (the Sphinx)!

However, minorities of the fanatic Muslims and Copts widely resisted my work. They made all their mighty efforts to hush up all my works and discoveries for some religious reasons!

Q19. Can you tell us about the connection between Egypt and the Jewish people?  Is there real proof of this connection?

A19. AE texts explain quite clearly that Children of Israel composed one tribe of the Egyptian wide folk and lived mainly in the utmost north of Egyptian Sinai. But they had strong relations with other Egyptian tribes and even with the Upper Egyptians, like any other sect of the Egyptian great folk. There is no historic enmity between the Egyptians, with all their different tribes, and the Children of Israel. On the contrary they lived together in peace for long centuries even in modern times.

However, for unknown reasons, the AE texts say that some Jews (clearly reported in Hieroglyphs) worked against the Israeli creed and separated from them. Then those AE texts attack the 'Jews' by Name but it praises greatly the Children of Israel. In fact, I'm very puzzled about that and I can't grasp their logic!

Q20. Are the COPTS descendents of the Shemsu Hor?

A20. IMO, there are two kinds of Copts. Some of them are descendents of AE. Others are descendents of the Roman era.

Q21. What is the attitude of the COPTS towards the Egyptian (Arabic) people?

A21. The majority of the peaceful Copts is quite friendly to the Egyptian Muslims and vise versa. But few fanatic Copts are very aggressive and sometimes they hurt the Muslims. Some fanatic Muslims are also very aggressive.

Q22. Is there a COPTIC culture or language being spoken in Egypt?

A22. The Coptic Era extended only for three centuries (no more) then how could a real civilization or a new language be born in this short time of history?! There are many Copts in Canada, please notice what language they speak within themselves?! There is NOTHING called 'Coptic language'. They only speak slang Egyptian like all other Egyptians.

Q23: Would you like to come to Canada?

A23: Yes of course, I love Canada very much and I have many good friends there and I'll be highly honored to visit Canada.

Best regards and thank you so much.

Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi

Egypt on February 20, 2006 ( 4-6 AM GMT )  


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