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Questions About The Egyptian History

By Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi:
 How far is the true time span of AE history?
 What is the importance of Palermo Stone Hieroglyphic Text? and what is really reported there?
 How really old is the Egyptian Hieroglyphic writings? Why the Ancient Egyptians decided to use bilateral phonetic graphemes in their Hieroglyphic writings although they grasped the alphabetic writing since far pre-dynastic epochs? Why they decided to use hard materials such as massive granite stones, ivory, hard woods, etc to record their Hieroglyphic messages?

How they did that in a very accurate and standard way?
 Why the Ancient Egyptians built all those gigantic pyramids in middle Egypt?
 What could have happened to Egypt without those pyramids?
 What concept or significance did the AE pyramid symbol [O24] refer to?

What significance did the three pyramids of Giza Plateau refer to?

mr - mr - mr = ?!!
 What is the meaning and wisdom of the immortal relation between the human-faced great recumbent lion (the Great Sphinx) and the pyramid symbol (the Great Pyramid)?

 What was the real AE name of the whole Giza-Plateau Zone during the pre-dynastic and Old Kingdom eras? Was it the biggest building structure ever known to mankind at that immemorial time? What significant role it played in forming the Ancient Egyptian religion? How really long the first intermediate decline period extended? What are the real reasons for collapsing the strong AE Old Kingdom?

< The Great Sphinx >
 How, when and why did Khufu build his miraculous Great Pyramid?
 What is the real amount of the work done that was consumed to build the Great Pyramid of Khufu?
 What is the amount of the work done consumed to build all the pyramids of Ancient Egypt?
 Why all the invaders of Egypt tried to demolish the Great Pyramid? and why they failed to demolish it?
 Why the pyramid of King Zoser (3rd dynasty) was designed like a step-pyramid in accordance with the Hieroglyph [O41]?

What is the true phonetic value of the step-pyramid symbol?



 What is the importance of Pyramid Texts? why the Egyptologists failed to truly decipher them up today? Is it because Champollion and all the following Egyptologists failed to discover and correctly decipher the phonemes (f), (L), (z), (y) and (th) in the Ancient Egyptian language? Or because they failed to discover that all the basic Hieroglyphic graphemes have only bilateral phonetic values? Or because they failed to correctly decipher more than 70% of basic Hieroglyphs that nearly count 1000?

Is it possible to correctly read and translate the ample Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic texts with all those fatal mistakes?
 Here are some few examples of those fatal or fundamental mistakes:

True phonetic value of this necktie sign [S34] = Lm
 They wrongly deciphered it to '3ankh' !!

 s-Lm = slm = silm / salam = peace.
 Faulkner, Dictionary of Middle Egyptian p.214. He translated it to: 'perpetuate name'!!

 3-Lm = 3lm = 3ilm / 3alam = science / knew.
more to know here:



True phonetic value of this throat sign [F35] = zr
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'nfr' !!

True phonetic value of this flag sign [R8] = aL
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'ntr' !!

True phonetic value of this feather sign [H6] = aa
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'shw' !!

True phonetic value of this recumbent lion Lord sign [E23] = rb
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'rw, L' !!

True phonetic value of this frantic dog sign [E20], [C7] = kf
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'stkh, seth, set, setsh' !!

True phonetic value of this rope sign [V13] = L
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'th, t' !!


True phonetic value of this Saint-crown sign [S9] = LL
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'shwty' !!
 An example of this 'Saint-Crown' could be seen in the following wonderful AE picture that depicts the famous AE Holy Spirit [G5] known as Hr or Horus:



True phonetic value of this Noah sign [C3] = Hw
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'DHwti, tHoth, Thoth' !!


True phonetic value of this turtle sign [I2] = ta
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'shta, shtyw' !!
 >Till now the Egyptian mothers still say to their babies when trying to learn how to walk: ** taata khaTTi-l 3ataba **, which means: 'step by step overstep the step'! This is pure Ancient Egyptian spoken and written language<

 ta-ta = step by step = footsteps

kh.r / gh.r

True phonetic value of this ram sign [E10] = khr / ghr
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'khnum / chnum'!

 This expression represents the Ancient Egyptian 'ram' Sun-Sign (Aries), and could be found in Dendera Zodiac. They called it the constellation of the **speeders** who hurry up in charities **khayrat**.
Gardiner translated it to 'sr = sheep', again just a meaningless guessing'!
 'sr' (sr3 / speeders) here ia a preceding word to 'kh-r' (khayrat) or 'charities'! The whole word means:
 **who speed up in charities**
 While Wallis Budge (EHD p.610a) offered it the meaning 'ram'!
 An explaining picture taken from my new book is:


True phonetic value of this standing-up sign [A53] = qm
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'wi, twt, qi, statue, mummy, etc'!!

    qam / aqam = standup / established
 **released on October 19, 2003AD**

 nb + na

True phonetic value of this sign [S5] = nb + na
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'skhmty'!!, 'the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt'!!
 nabi = Prophet
 nabil = noble

True phonetic value of this nose-sniff (Eg. niff) sign [C6] = nf
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'inpw, Anubis'!!
 **released on November 8, 2003AD**

True phonetic value of this ring sign [V9] = rn
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'shnw'!!

True phonetic value of this Cross sign [Z11] = am
 It is the Ancient Egyptian classic Cross Sign.
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'imi'!

 amen-r3 = who believes in God and the Last Day and do good.
 It is explained by an amazing AE picture:



True phonetic value of this snake-zigzag sign [I15] = za
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'Hfaw, Ddft'!!
 zanb = sin, HafiZ = protector, Zaalim = oppressor, 3azaab = torture, etc

True phonetic value of this mammal-skin sign [F27] = mm
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'dHr, mska, etc'!!

True phonetic value of this 'tab' sign [R4] = tb
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'Htp'!!

 [D28:R4] = ka-tb = katab = wrote
 (and related words) such as:
 katib = writer
 kitab = book


True phonetic value of this 'aga' sign [F4] = ga
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'Hat'!!

 [F4:V13] = ag-L = agal = age / divine appointment / time period.
 [F4:V13] = galal = majesty


r-ga-L = regal = men (heartily devoted truthful men).
 It depends on the context and following signs.
 Both former signs have been released on January 1, 2004-AD

True phonetic value of this man 'genus' sign [A1] = ns
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'si'!
 It is classified under both 'n' and 's' phonemes:
 (Wallis Budge EHD pages 339a, 583a)
 I wonder why they didn't offer it the phonetic value 'n' or 'ni' as well?!
 naas = people
 nafs = person / self
 ins / insaan = human
 It is used in nearly 80% of AE texts by the meaning (naas = peoples).
 Gardiner offered it many wrong meanings based on pure guessing such as:
 'courtier, doer, Ankhu, wretch, etc'!!
 It is not an ideograph or indicative sign or name as some people think,

but it should be used as a bilateral lingual component by this phonetic value.
 **released by Ossama Alsaadawi on 20 march 2004**
 An explaining picture taken from my new book is:


True phonetic value of this 'Landing' sign [W25] = nL
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'ini' to mean 'bring, fetch'!!

 nazzalna = we sent down
 **released by Ossama Alsaadawi on 5th April, 2004**

True phonetic value of this 'accelerating' goose sign [G38] = [G39] = s3
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'gb, sa' to mean 'earth-god, son'!!

 almasieHu 3isa = the Christ Jesus
 Ref: Wallis Budge EHD p.324a, translated to "mesa, a kind of goose or powerful waterfowl"!!
**released online by Ossama Alsaadawi on 7th of April, 2004**
 Likewise, there are tens, if not hundreds, of similar fundamental mistakes!!
 **All the previous phonetic values of the corresponding AE Hieroglyphic graphemes are released online

from the Electronic Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary of Ossama Alsaadawi**

 Why the Egyptologists failed to discover existence of the money and coinage industry in the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

although it is so obvious and very easy to be deciphered?!

ma-L = mal = money .... (you love money)!
 Wallis Budge EHD p.276b, translated to: 'math = granite'!!

The AE money coin sign [N33] = mL
 They wrongly deciphered it to many haphazard words but most interestingly one of them is 'metal or mineral, or gold'.

This is the closest meaning to its real reading as:
 [N33] = mL = mal = money.

 Why the Egyptologists and the linguists failed to see or recognize the AE phoneme (L)

although it is the most reported sound within the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs?!!

 etc, etc,
 Why the Egyptologists and linguists failed to realize that the texts inside the royal cartouches are not names of the AE kings

but are some Holy Texts selected by the kings at coronation?!!
 As an example: here is a cartouche from second dynasty of the Old Kingdom:

 How could someone read the **name** of this 'King'?!!
 Is it 'Mr. Phallus' or 'Mr. Bull' as some Egyptologists say?!
 Or is it 'the spirit of phalli' according to traditional reading of the 'name'?!!
 Another example: here is a cartouche from the seventh dynasty:

 (reference: Wallis Budge EHD p.920)
 What is the 'name' of this king?
 Is it Mr. goat?! or Mr. 'leg'?! or Mr. 'ib', according to the conventional Egyptology?!!
 Even Wallis Budge put a questioning mark (?) before its name!
 Why the Egyptologists and linguists failed to correctly decipher the very famous AE Hieroglyphic expression [G39&N5] known wrongly in Egyptology as 'sa-r3'?! Is it because they wrongly deciphered both the duck sign [G39], and the sun-disk sign [N5]?
 Today December 4, 2003AD, I have the honor to release online its True meaning to the first time in history since year 390AD.

 [G39&N5] = seek Holy-Day prayers.
 **seek Sun-Day prayers**
 The sun-disk sign means here 'day'.
 Another form of this same expression means:

 [G39&N5]-[A40] = **hurry to forgiveness from your Lord**
 They wrongly deciphered it to 'son of god ra'!! I don't know what is the relation between the duck-sign [G39] and the Egyptian word for 'son'!!

Why the Egyptologists and the linguists have not noticed, for long centuries, that the English (Latin) Alphabets

were thoroughly taken from the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, either in graphemes or phonations?

< see English Alphabets >



What is the religion of Ancient Egypt? Is it the Peaceful (Haneef) religion of Abraham?

  What is the real meaning of Amun  or  Amon?!
 Who is Ra3 or Re?   and who is Hr or Horus?
 Why the Ancient Egyptians used to position the arms of their dead crossed on the heart of the corpse?
 What is the importance of the texts of the Book of the Dead? Did some Egyptologists read and translate texts of the Book Of The Dead from left to right while it should be read and translated from right to left?
 What is the real AE name of the Book of the Dead?

[M4-O50] = ?
 Why Ancient Egypt was called a **middle nation** or 'moderate central nation'? Is it because it was located between latitudes 19 and 32 holding inhabitants of all human colors from black African Egyptians at the most southern regions of Egypt to white Asian Egyptians in the most northern regions? Or it's because of its moderate and peaceful attitude towards all mankind?

  ummatan wasaTa = middle nation
 Why the scientists failed to decipher the True AE calendar system for more than 3000 years?
 Why Egypt suffered from successive wild and destructive invasions since the start of man history?
 What is the most important source of fortune for Ancient Egypt? and how it was stolen by other nations?
 What were the real geographic boundaries and borders of Ancient Egypt?
 Who were the Hyksos? Why they invaded Egypt? Did they fulfill their aims? What was their religion?
 Why the Romans invaded Egypt? Did they fulfill their aims? What was their religion?
 Why the Arabians invaded Egypt? Did they fulfill their aims? what was their religion before modern Islam?
 Is it possible to spread a brand new language among a whole nation within only less than 10 years? Is it possible to spread now the Chinese Language among peoples in Egypt in only 10 years to let it replace the mother Egyptian or Arabic language?
 Is it possible to spread a brand new religion in less than 10 years among several countries that have no common language?
 Why the modern Quran is called the 'Quran of 3othman' or 'moSHaf 3othman'?!

 Why many dense European and Asian delegations used to visit Egypt in modern AE Kingdom, nearly 1500 BC and later?
 What is the real meaning of the Hieroglyphic word 'f-wn-t' / 'Fwnt'? Does 'Fwnt', wrongly known as 'Pwnt', is a name of a foreign land?

If so where it was located? In what continent?

  What is the True phonetic value of the mountain sign [N25]?


 Does it always mean a 'land' or a 'foreign land' or a 'country'? Why it is extensively used in AE Hieroglyphic writings?
 Why nearly all Hebrew and Asiatic Arabian religious characters and prophets, like Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Mari, Jesus, etc, visited and lived in Egypt? Why Egypt in particular? Why not another country?!!
 What was the religion of Asiatic Abraham before and after he visited Egypt?
 Who is the Ancient Egyptian god 'Thoth' or 'DHwti'? What is his real AE name?

What important role he played to the Ancient Egyptians?

 Who is PtaH, or better to say, who is FtaH? How ancient is he? Why he is reported in far pre-dynastic Hieroglyphic texts?

Is he a very important religious Ancient Egyptian human character?

What important role he played in the AE religion? What is his real name?

 [C19] = PtaH = FtaH = ?!!
 How early the True Ancient Egyptian Abraham is depicted and reported in the Ancient Egyptian history and AE scripts? Why the True Abraham was characterized in AE symbology by the (ws) scepter and the long dark mantle? Who are the True Hanief followers of the True AE Abraham? How the word (Hanief) is reported in AE Hieroglyphs? What its real meaning is?
  The real meaning of the AE word ( ft-H ) is:

** fattabi3w millata Ibrahima Haneefan **
 Which means:
 ** follow the peaceful creed of Abraham **

 "Released online by Ossama Alsaadawi on October 10th 2003AD"
 Why many statues for Imhotep were depicted and manufactured during nearly all epochs of Ancient Egypt?

 who is Imhotep ?

 Do the colossal statues of Ramses-II represent an Egyptian King? Or do they really represent a very important Ancient Egyptian religious human character? What is really written on the back of the colossal statute of Ramsis-II? Is there any resemblance between the statues of Ramses-II and the statues of Amon?!! Why the statues of Ramses-II were depicted in later epochs of AE history although he was theoretically dead?

Why the Egyptian authorities re-moved the colossal statue of Ramses-II from its popular place in Cairo? 
 Why the Ancient Egyptians depicted their holy religious human characters much greater in size than normal people?


Very Important Historical Declaration

On Thursday, February 10, 2005, I have the the honor to declare from Egypt

that the colossal statue of what is known as 'Ramses-2'

is in fact an Ancient Egyptian historical representation of

the Egyptian Divine Prophet Moses

Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi



 < Finally, The Great Sphinx Has Spoken Up >

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Why the Egyptologists offered all the AE statues that depict the 'Reader' of the AE Scripture the name 'Scribe', although it is quite clear that he is a 'reciter' but not a writer or a 'scribe'? Are all the statues of the AE Scripture 'Readers' alike? Or there are some added Hieroglyphs or signs that give some of them special significant meanings? Like the statue of 'Imhotep' for instance?!!
 Above is a picture that depicts a reader who recites from the AE Holy Scripture. There is no any sign that refers to the 'writing' process!!
 Why the Great Sphinx is smiling? What does this smile mean? Why his double crown was removed? Who removed it?
 Are all the modern symbols of all divine religions Pure Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs?
 Are all the Churches, Mosques and Temples that spread allover the world of Pure Ancient Egyptian Design?
 Manethon mentioned in his chronology - nearly 300 years BC - that the Egyptians had many religious and popular festivals called Moulid or Mawalid. What are those Moulid(s)? Do modern Egyptians still celebrate some of them? Under what names?
 What was the religion of Alexander the Great?
 Why he asked to visit Egypt peacefully after he put Egypt under his military protection?
 Why the Egyptians were happy under rule of the Ptolemies?
 What was the religion of the Ptolemies?
 Why the Ptolemies helped the Egyptians to rebuild Thebe (Luxor) and some other regions in Upper Egypt

on modern basis and established many great temples?
 Who is Isis or Aset? Is the real pronunciation of Aset is 'Alset', which means 'The Lady' in the Egyptian language?

What is the meaning of the Egyptian word 'settena' that is still common on lips of Egyptian peoples?

  [B6] = Isis, Aset, rnn, etc = ?!!
 How earlier is Mari depicted and mentioned in the Ancient Egyptian history and AE scripts?

  Who is this man?!

  Who is this man?!

  Who is this man?!

  Who is this man?!

  Who is this man?!

 Who is this man?!

  Who is this man?!

  Who is this man?!
 Why the Romans killed Mark Antonio and his Egyptian Queen wife Cleopatra?
 What was the religion of Mark Antonio? What was the religion of Cleopatra?
 Why the Alexandrian Library was combusted and destroyed 8 times in only 7 centuries?
 Why the Arabs controlled Middle and Upper Egypt in year 269AD after they defeated the Roman Army?
 What happened in Thebe (Luxor) in year 304AD?
 Who is the great Pope Arius of Alexandria? Who killed him? When and why he was killed? Why the Copts accused him by infidelity? Why all his poor Christian followers were killed? Who killed them? Who are the TRUE Christian martyrs?
 Who established the so called archeological Roman Theater in Alexandria? Is it really a theater or an open execution yard? When it was established? Who established it? What kind of mass peoples were executed on its ground? What was their crime?
 Why the Europeans refused the first Coptic Faith-Law that was declared in year 325AD?
 Why the early Church headquarters was located in Alexandria? Why not in Jerusalem? Why it was moved to Rome?
 What happened in Egypt in year 390AD or at the end of the fourth century AD?
 When was the end of Ancient Egyptian Civilization? and how it was ended?
 Why the Egyptian City of Thebe (Luxor) was annihilated many times along the extended history of Egypt?
 Why the Romans and the Copts destroyed the most important AE monuments?
 Why the Romans and the Copts closed all Egyptian schools for centuries?
 Why the Romans and the Copts destroyed or closed or changed all AE temples?
 Why the Romans and the Copts inhibited using Hieroglyphs and other AE writing lines?
 Why the Copts killed and annihilated all the Egyptian priests of the Great Serabium (Serapeum) Temple of Manfis (Memphis / Old Giza) in year 391-AD after they destroyed all the Egyptian public libraries?
 {One reference: Histoire De L' Egypte Ancienne, by Nicholas Grimal}
 How the Egyptian peoples turned from the most educated folk allover the world to a very ignorant and unlettered folk?
 Where all the great Ancient Egyptian sciences like medicine, engineering, agriculture, pharmacy, mining, industry,

astronomy, astrology, architect, military, shipbuilding, etc had gone?
 Why the common majority of Egyptian peoples lived in fierce poverty and privation for long long centuries?
 Why some Arabian leaders visited Egypt many times long time before their invasion to Egypt?

Why they allied with the Copts during and after invasion?
 Why the Copts turned over their intimate Roman allies?
 Who are the new partners who decided to capture Egypt and participates its wide fortunes?

How they did that? Is that bargain still in function?
 Who seized the wide lands of the indigenous Egyptians in Upper Egypt? When they did that?

Who helped them to control those lands and settle on it? and why?
 How many native Egyptians were killed during the Roman-Coptic and Arabian eras

for the sake of hiding the TRUE History of Ancient Egypt?
 Why all the trials to demolish the Egyptian Spoken Language failed during all epochs of Egyptian history?

Is it because the unique nature of the Spoken Egyptian Language?
 Why thousands of young Egyptian women and girls were transferred to the Arabian Peninsula just after the Arabian invasion to Egypt? What was so special in the Egyptian lady?
 Why the Egyptian lady is still a focal exposed target to many different sects in Egypt up today?
 Why the Egyptian Spoken Language, known sometimes as the slang Egyptian,

has never changed a bit since far pre-dynastic times up today?
 Did the spoken Hebrew Language be driven from the Spoken Egyptian Language?

< read more about Spoken Egyptian >
 When a Coptic man talks to his wife in private, or two Coptic men meet in street any time, what language they speak?

If they have some special spoken Coptic language, why they don't use it? Why they use only the Spoken Egyptian?
 The Coptic names, like BoTros, Milad, Nakhla, 3aziz, Samir, Hanna, Wahba, Sam3an, Tadros, 3awaD, Layla, Samia, Sohair, etc,

of Coptic men and women in Egypt, are they Arabic? Are they Greek? Or are they Egyptian?
 Do the English peoples speak American? or vise versa, do the American peoples speak English?

Likewise, do the Egyptians speak Arabic? or vise versa, do the Arabians speak Egyptian?
 What is the difference between the Arabians and the Arabs?
 What is the meaning of the word 'Arabic'? Why it is reported in Hieroglyphic texts long thousands of years BC?

Did the Arabians exist as that immemorial times?

  3a-rb = 3arab = Arab !!
 Wallis Budge EHD p.112a
 Why thousands of Asian kids (mamlukes or mamaleek) were imported to join the rule and government administration of Egypt during the Arabian era? Why the native Egyptians were excluded from the leading regime of Egypt?
 Who are the True Egyptians?
 Why the modern Egyptians do not know their real ancient history? Why they are not able to read or understand the very important hieroglyphic written messages of their AE forefathers? Who are the beneficiaries from falsifying the Ancient Egyptian history?
 Was Jerusalem a pure Ancient Egyptian Holy town? Was it at 'The Farthest' boarder to the north of the Ancient Egyptian state? Was the reason of all Egyptian wars in Asia to liberate and keep Jerusalem? When it was uprooted out of the Egyptian state? When and why the Egyptians decided to drop it? What was the name of the Egyptian Northern Province that included Jerusalem? Why the Romans killed all the Israelis in Jerusalem in year 132AD and prohibited their return to the Holy town afterwards? Why all the Israelis in Arabia were killed? Why nearly all ancient nations of Europe and Asia engaged into wild wars to capture Jerusalem? Why the Israelis preferred always to live in Egypt even in modern epochs?

  qd = ?!!
 Wallis Budge EHD 1045a, translated to: ' North Syrian coast '!!

  ms-aq = ?!!
 Wallis Budge EHD p327b, translated to: 'the place of resurrection in heaven'!!

 sr-r2 = isra2il = Israel !!
 Wallis Budge EHD p.83a, translated to: ' dynastic Egyptian god '!!
 Who is Israel? When and where he lived? Is he a messenger? How he is reported in religious and ancient documents?

 ra-sl-al = ?!!

 What were the physical and spiritual relations between Thebe (Luxor) and Jerusalem (Qds) in Ancient Egypt? How the Ancient Egyptians used to travel from Thebe (Luxor) to Jerusalem in a speedy and comfortable trip? Why they used to do that?
 Here is a short summary for some of the most important Ancient Egyptian divine characters

that have been discovered in light of

 **Alsaadawi's Theory on True Hieroglyphs**

 and that have been declared within the years 1997 - 2003AD:
 The AE god 'Thoth' is in fact the True Ancient Egyptian Prophet 'NwH' or 'Noah'.

 NwH / Noah

 The AE god 'Osiris' is in fact the True Ancient Egyptian Prophet 'Israel'.

 N.B: a symbolic picture for the 'children of Israel' could be seen here:

 The AE god 'PtaH' is in fact the True Ancient Egyptian Prophet 'Ibrahim' or 'Abraham'.

  Ibrahim / Abraham
 The picture of True AE Abraham could be seen here:

 The AE god 'ImHotep' is in fact the True Ancient Egyptian Prophet 'Mwsa' or 'Moses'.

  Mwsa / Moses
 The True Ancient Egyptian Prophet Aaron (haarwn):

  Released by Ossama Alsaadawi on November 24, 2003 AD
 A real picture for the True Ancient Egyptian Prophet Aaron (haarwn), brother of Prophet Moses, could be seen here:

 Picture reference:

 The Treasures of the Egyptian Museum,
 Published by the American University in Cairo - ISBN 977 424 504 0
 Page 72 - Egyptian Museum - ca 2500 BC.
 Egypt, the World of the Pharaohs,
 By Konemann, p.72 - ISBN 3 89508 913 3 - Egyptian Museum JE 90220
 Egyptologists explained this very important picture as 'head of King Userkaf'!!

 The True Ancient Egyptian Prophet and King David (dawwd):

  David (Dawwd)
 Released by Ossama Alsaadawi on November 23, 2003 AD
 A rare and amazing picture for the True Ancient Egyptian Prophet David could be seen here:

Picture reference:
 Ancient Egypt, by Lorna Oakes & Lucia Gahlin - p.272
 The Treasures of the Egyptian Museum,
 Published by the American University in Cairo - ISBN 977 424 504 0
 page 183. Egyptian Museum - ca 1350 BC.
 Egyptologists explained this very important picture as 'statue of Amenhotep son of Hapu as a scribe'!!

It is just a guess (any haphazard words)!!
 The True Ancient Egyptian Prophet and King Solomon (Solaiyman):

  Solomon (Solaiyman).
 **Released online by Ossama Alsaadawi on November 10th, 2003AD**
 Picture reference:
 - The Egypt of the Pharaohs at the Cairo Museum,
 by Jean-Pierre Corteggiani - Page 132.
 - Egypt - The World of the Pharaohs.
 By, Regine Shultz and Matthias Seidel - Page 148.
 Explained by Egyptologists as: 'a seated statue of Ramesses-II' !!
 Egyptian Museum - CG 616 - ca 1270 BC.
 The picture of the True AE Solomon could be seen here:

 The AE goddess 'Isis' is in fact the True Ancient Egyptian divine Maryam or 'Mary'.

  Maryam / Mary
 Why more and more fibs and falsifications to AE history are greatly increasing nowadays allover the media?
 Why?? - What?? - When?? - Who?? - How??
 Ossama Alsaadawi

  Ancient Egyptian Prophet Mwsa / Moses
 Known wrongly in Egyptology as god Imhotep!!

Is this man the Real Moses?! .. It is just a question!!


 Ancient Egyptian divine Maryam / Mary
 Known wrongly in Egyptology as Isis or 'nurse'!!


  **It is deadly hard to believe that some wide-spread imitated global cultures are based on historical titanic fibs and horrid human crimes that annihilated the best ancient peaceful civilization ever known to mankind, namely the Ancient Egyptian Monotheistic Civilization**
 Ossama Alsaadawi
 November 8th, 2003AD


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